The Story of Eluned Morgan, A Woman Ahead of Her Time

Elaine Morgan is a Welsh biochemist and author who published the theory of aquatic ape hypothesis in 1972. The aquatic ape hypothesis proposes that full-time immersion in water led to many of the physical and mental traits we see among humans and other great apes.

The idea behind Elaine Morgan’s theory is that humanity may have originated from an ancient population of apes living on the shores of a large prehistoric lake, so she has been arguing for decades since her book was published without any evidence for this other than speculation.

Elaine Morgan was a Welsh author and anthropologist who authored the book “The Descent of Woman.” In this book, she proposed that the human female descended from an apes rather than from man as is traditionally believed.

Morgan’s theory suggests that it would have been possible for a small band of ape-like creatures to exist together with the Australopithecines in Africa. These small primates could have been isolated from other males and females of their species, and as a result they could have evolved into a new species.