Eluned Morgan – The Minister for Transport and a Woman Ahead of Her Time

Elaine Morgan is a well-known author. She is most well known for her theory of aquatic ape hypothesis which suggests that human ancestors shared an ancient aquatic past with other primates.

Morgan’s book “The Descent of Woman” was published in 1972 and it became an instant success. She used the book to describe how humans evolved from primates who lived in water to land dwellers.

Elaine Morgan was a Welsh author who was born in 1937, she authored books that focused on the role of women in society. Elaine Morgan is best known for her book “The Descent of Woman”, which traces the evolution of humans from their origins to modern times.

Morgan argues that female primates are less aggressive than males and therefore they are better suited to caring for infants. According to her theory, this led to females becoming dominant because they could provide milk for children while males were away hunting.