Ladbrokes Promo Code

ladbrokes-poker-promotion-codeIf you’re interested in gambling without having to put on your shoes and head out to the casino, you might want to check out online gaming. is one of the biggest online gambling sites, with tons of games that are not only a great way to get some gambling in but are downright fun to play.

This website offers a wide variety of games starting with the oldschool standards such as roulette, blackjack, slots and poker. But it’s created all sorts of variations of these, and a number of other games that bring the fun back into gambling. In all there are nearly 300 different games, many of them that look at first more like retail action titles with all sorts of interesting themes. Many of the most popular games on are originals.  You can find promo codes for ladbrokes here.

The Live Casino offers just about the closest thing you’re going to get to sitting in a real casino from the comfort of your own home. This essentially offers a dealer with a live presence, allowing you to chat with her and the other players. This adds a personal touch to the usually impersonal game of online poker and it’s certainly worth a look.

One of its most popular features on is online sports betting, allowing football experts to put their knowledge to the test. Players can also place bets on horse racing, greyhounds, tennis, cricket and golf. Dozens of other more detailed sports betting games are available, meaning that just about every important event in the sports world is fair game. Through its ‘in play’ system bets can be placed live, so that if the player has an inkling as to an outcome, he or she can jump online and place a bet near instantaneously. Also in the works is a new feature called virtual sports where gamblers can not only bet on games but watch them while they’re in progress.

Lets not forget our loyal bingo players. Bingo is practically a staple for a huge gambling demographic, and it offers players a reasonable buy-in of ten pounds, with jackpots of up to 1,000 pounds or more. This is great for players that want to sit back and watch the numbers roll in rather than getting into over-complicated strategy.

Another option is the lotto. There are tons of different lotteries to play on with winnings that range from a couple thousand pounds to over one hundred fifty thousand. This gives you a chance to choose your entries carefully without needing to spend hours on poker to earn some cash.

Those interested in setting up an account are rewarded with promotional benefits, which include extra chances to win. These are mostly in the form of extra turns at cash games and better odds. Some even come in the form of free initial cash transfers for free. Sign up for live poker and you’ll automatically earn yourself a free 50 pounds. There are some legal restrictions that govern players, including age limitations, while in some countries online gambling is still not allowed.

Mobile applications for many of the games mean you can essentially gamble anywhere, though for some this may risk giving themselves excessive access. This is especially the case given the arcade nature of some of the games which makes them similar to harmless games on sites that just make money from the advertising revenue. They’ve even developed a gambling version of the popular game ‘Plants and Zombies’.

The website does also offer guidelines intended to help its gamblers to be responsible, and has some checks in place to prevent gamblers from going overboard. A contact number is provided and readily available should you have any questions. You can even bet by telephone if you want!

Most notably, the website keeps a running tally of the money being won through each game, and this goes well into the millions of pounds. This is quite alluring for the prospective gambler. If you’re interested in getting into online gambling, this may be the perfect place to start.

Guide to Starburst Slot


Here is a magnificent slot that is all set to make your pockets heavy and your hearts warm!

Starburst slot promises to leave you enchanted, mesmerised and truly rich. Though this sounds a little dreamy, it has been made a reality by Net Entertainment’s mastermind team.

These five spinning reels are always by your side, giving you many chances to win multiple winning combinations. Every time you insert a coin, you will activate a new pay line. Once all the reels have stopped spinning, the computer analyses the winning combinations for you.

This is a wonderful arcade-style atmosphere where you get the chance to write your own story of success.

It has characteristics like win-both-ways, stacked symbols, expanding wilds and a bonus re-spin that will definitely get your heart racing. And the best part is, you can also play this game for free!

Some Insights on Starburst Slot-A Wonderful Game

Coin Sizes

Since this marvellous game comes from the extensive repertoire of Net Entertainment, you can be assured of a lot of variety and options in everything, including the coin sizes.

When you play with real money, the denominations go from 0.01 to 1.00 per pay line and 1 to 10 coins per pay line bet. The betting range is from 0.01 to 100 per spin.

Stacked Symbols

This is a special feature of Starburst slot that occurs when three similar symbols are displayed on a reel simultaneously. They form a stacked symbol, which can increase your chances of winning as they help you complete the special winning combinations.

Expanding Wild Symbols

The symbol that replaces the other symbols on the screen in order to fulfil a winning combination is called the Starburst symbol or the wild symbol. The unique feature about this symbol is that it only appears on second, third and fourth reels only. It is also used to activate the re-spin feature of the slot game.

Starburst Re-Spin

The presence of wild symbols leads to this feature where the stagnant wild symbols end up covering the entire reel and the other reels start re-spinning, giving you a lot of more opportunities at winning.

If you are really lucky, you can also get another re-spin during this time, making it a truly special scenario. There can be a maximum of three re-spins during one single play.

The Final Verdict

Starburst game is full of jewels and wonderful inviting backgrounds with vibrant colours like red, orange, purple, blue and yellow.

It is the showcase of real stars and wonderful jewels on your screen that come alive to give you enough money that you can actually afford all of these jewels. For more information on Starburst, check out Casino Slots, where you can play the game for free.

Since the game is powered by Net Entertainment, you can be assured of high-quality graphics, special effects and amazing sound quality. All this comes together seamlessly to create a game that has won hearts all over the world. This game is perfect for all kinds of players including new players as well as professionals since it is easy to play and has a lot of chances to make you really rich!

Jack and the Beanstalk Slot Machine

jack_and_the_beanstalk-logoIf you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of the Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale slot, here is your chance to experience it through this wonderful slot that is based on it. You get the opportunity to chase the golden goose, fight the giant and take home much more than magical beans!

This game is powered by Net Entertainment and you can experience the wonderful quality and great graphics that is the core strength of Net Entertainment slots. The sound quality is truly exceptional and gets you in the mood for the game.

You will see a lot of animation in the background like fluttering butterflies in blue, Boy Jack who pokes his nose from the door when you win big amounts and a lot of entertainment as well!

The Introductory Video

Like many platinum Net Entertainment slots, this game begins with a video that showcases the storyline of the fairy tale and welcomes you to the world of Jack and the Beanstalk.

It also shows you the golden goose, the main character, Boy Jack trying to steal it from the giant and the huge castle as well. Once the video is over, you are directly taken to the game where all the real fun begins!

The Wandering Wild

This slot is a standard five reel slot game with 20 pay lines. It is empowered by two special features. The first one is the Wandering Wild. With this feature, you can get multiple spins from one single spin, which makes it a winning scenario all the time!

You need to stop the wild symbol anywhere on the screen to start the process. Once all the reels stop spinning and all symbols take their place, the winning combinations are paid out. Then the wild moves one reel horizontally to the left and then the reels spin automatically with the wild in place. This is a lovely feature since it promises some amazing rewards in the long term.

The Bonus Game

The bonus is another excellent feature of the game, which appears when you see three purple coloured chests on the screen. You are transported to the bonus game where everything is different and even more exciting. Here, you will also find a lot more wild symbols and scatter symbols, along with a key that lets you access this feature’s special wilds.

When you stop three keys, you activate the Money Bag Wild, which can cover two reels at the same time. With three more keys, that’s six in all, you can activate the Golden Goose Wild and this will cover three reels again.

The last level of the bonus is the special Golden Harp Wild, which expands and fills the entire reel and it has the power to wander as well. You need nine keys for this one!

The Final Verdict

This is an extremely creative game from the house of Net Entertainment and it truly deserves all the appreciation and recognition that it gets from online casinos worldwide.

You can play this game repeatedly without getting tired of the action, and actually end up enjoying the unlimited entertainment! This is your chance to relive your fantasy of climbing a humongous beanstalk and finding loads of rewards on top.

Available at all the Net Entertainment powered casinos, this one slot promises a lot of excitement and prizes!

Bet365 Review and Promo Code

bet365Bet365 is one of the best bookmakers in the online gambling industry. The company has more than six million active customers thronging its websites on a daily basis. The company also happens to be the seventh largest gambling companies in Europe.

It employs more than 1,700 people across the globe. Currently, it operates in over 200 countries. Bet365 has licenses from the UK Gambling Commission as well as the Government of Gibraltar. The company is famous for its bonuses and a great wallet system. It is a popular destination among gamblers who like to play big in terms of limits and odds.  You can claim up to £200 free with the company using the Bet365 promo code that can be found here.

Customer Support of Bet365

The company has one of the best customer supports in the industry. There is an efficient team, which operates 24/7 and 365 days a year. They can be reached through emails, phone and live chat. All the European languages are supported when it comes to customer troubleshooting. The customer queries are answered within a span of two to three hours only.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options at Bet365

The deposit can be made in multiple currencies which include Dollars, BRL, CAD, NOK, CHF, RON, AUD and EUR to name a few. If you need to use any other currency, then the currency exchange rates will be applicable.

Most major credit and debit cards are accepted by Bet365. All the amounts are processed from the verified account, which is scrutinised during the signing up process.

Likewise, in case of withdrawals, the amount is deposited to the same account. On an average, it takes a maximum of two to three days for the amount to be credited in to a customer’s account.

Platforms Supported by Bet365

Along with the conventional online platform, Bet365 also supports a mobile platform. It will help you enjoy all games on the go.

Apart from this, there are other features such as live betting, phone betting and many more. The three odd formats that Bet365 offers are European, US and UK. There is a single wallet system for any games of this platform.

Bonus Available at Bet365

Although American customers are not allowed to bet on this platform, the American and
Canadian sports are available for betting at Bet365.

There is a 50% bonus for games of these two countries. Whether it’s NBA or CFL, NCAAF or NHL, you are eligible to receive 50% bonus when you bet on any of the American game leagues.

When a rugby match goes into extra time, a customer is eligible to receive extra money. Another great feature about this company is the option of multi-betting. This feature has made the company extremely popular among bettors across the globe.

The Final Verdict

Bet365 is an extremely reliable bookmaker and there have been no reports of any major glitch by any members. An efficient and smooth IT infrastructure, top-notch payment gateways and a reliable support system speaks volume about them.

Headquartered in England, the company has spent more than 30 years in the gambling space without any major controversies in this space. Overall, it is a nice place to spend time if you are looking for some entertainment and money at the same time.

Betfred Promo Code

betfred-shop-lincoln-webBetfred is one of the leading bookmakers in the UK. Founded in 1967 by Peter and Fred Done, this bookmaker quickly gained prominence across the UK and the European countries.

As of 2013, the company owned more than 1,300 retail betting shops. The company is based out of Salford and has an annual turnover of close to €3.5 billion. Compared to a decade ago, this is more than tenfold growth, which the company achieved through some clever business decisions.

The company is managed by John Haddock who started his career as a regional manager.

Sponsorships Offered by Betfred

Betfred is the official partner of betting for the National Stadium of Wembley. It operates the betting counter for all England football matches. The national football team has further extended the contract for another four years.

The company is also the official partner of betting for Tottenham Hotspur. It is also the official sponsor of Haydock Park. It sponsored the Sprint cup last year. Betfred also sponsors three greyhound tracks. The company has also sponsored the Snooker World Cup for a stint of four years straight, from 2008 to 2012.

Customer Support

Being retail major in the betting industry, Betfred has an envious customer support. There is a dedicated customer service team which is functional 24/7 and 365 days of the year.

The team has the expertise of handling any customer problems from bank related to game related technical problems. Customers can reach the customer support through phone, email, live chat as well as social media.

All you need to do is tag the customer support and your query will be answered. It takes one to two business hours to troubleshoot any problems. There is a separate number for customers in the UK and a separate one for international customers.  To learn more about promotions available at Betfred and other bookies like Ladbrokes, check out

Getting Started with Betfred

It is easy to get started. All you need to do is sign up with an official account and you can easily get started. You need not feed tons of information into the system to gamble on this website.

Some essential information such as age and bank account details needs to be confirmed in order to get going. Once the bank account is verified, you can start gambling with real money. There are free games too which you can try in case you want to practice before you plunge head on into the world of casino gaming.

Phone betting is also becoming an extremely popular mode of placing bets among gamblers across the globe. The company has an active user base of thousands of members betting through their telephones.

Sporting Events

The company gives an array of betting options to its customers. Many popular sports such as football, cricket, rugby, tennis and sporting events such as World Cups, Grand Slams as well as Olympics are also covered.

Apart from sporting events, all the traditional betting games such as blackjack, roulette, slots are also offered to the customer. The best part about Betfred is the fact that you can also bet on other kind of live events such as popular TV shows like Big Brother; presidential elections, best personality of a particular year, and many more such popular events.

Deposits and Withdrawals

An array of credit and debit card options is available for the members to choose. All major financial modes are accepted when it comes to making the payment. The withdrawal takes few hours to few days depending on the method you choose.

Typically it takes an average of two to three business days to get your money in to your account. No extra amount is charged for making payment through credit cards. That being said, your bank may charge you a fixed processing fee. This is something that you’ll need to speak to your bank about.

Double Bubble Slots

Double-Bubble-SlotDouble Bubble Slot is a 20 line and five-reel slot. It is one of the exciting creations of NetEnt. This slot, however, is a bit different and is meant for players who like to win big. Five reels help the players to find their winning combination.

This fruity slot has lots of features and exciting rounds to get any slot lovers’ attention and get them hooked for hours. The bonus round is one of the exciting features of Double Bubble Slot as it is possible to win huge in this round.  For more information on the bonus round then visit this site.

Coin Size

The coin denomination plays a crucial role in any of NetEnt’s game. The size of the coin decides the final amount that a player ends up with. The coin denomination starts with as little as $0.01 and can go as high as $0.20.

It is very easy to choose the coin size. All you need to do is to click ‘+’ or ‘-’ in the toggle window and select the denomination you are comfortable with. Only a multiplier round can increase the size of the coin and help a player earn more.

Double Bubble Wild Symbol

The Double Bubble symbol itself acts as the wild symbol for this slot. This means that it can act as a substitute for any other symbol except one. It can also help a player complete his winning combination.

Only one winning combination per slot is paid to an individual player. In case of multiple winning combinations, the one with the highest value is paid. In case a player manages to land five wild symbols in one go, they are eligible to receive a staggering 20,000x coin payout.

Win Lines

It is possible for a player to select the number of lines he wants to bet on in three different ways as mentioned below.

  1. The Bet One feature helps a player select one additional line. This makes it possible to select all the pay lines that are available in the slot.
  2. The pay lines that are coloured and situated near the reel side have certain numbers allotted to them. These numbers are nothing, but the number of lines you want to bet on. Just click on a number and the same number of lines will be added.
  3. The Bet Max feature helps a player select all the lines at once. All you need to do is to click the Bet Max icon, and the system will do the rest on its own.

Bubble Win

If a symbol happens to fall inside a bubble, the secondary winning area hosts it, which is located under the reels. If this area can create a winning combination by any chance, the combination gets multiplied with the total pay line that was selected by the player initially. For instance, if a player bets on all the lines then he gets x22 lines for his final winning.  For more information on Bubble wins then check out which has a great guide for strategies on this.

Playing Double Bubble Slot

There are many online casinos in the UK. Some of the most reputed ones are Casino88, CasinoSlot, Caesar Casino and Good Friday Casino among others. Most of these casinos pay a 100% bonus to their players.

Some even offer a second round of bonus when a player deposits his money for the second time in a row. Apart from joining bonuses, there are ample opportunities to win free riders. There are many promotional offers too. The best part is the fact that all these websites give you a mobile platform to enjoy this game. You can easily play this game wherever you are, and not miss out on the real casino experience at the same time.

Starburst Slots

starburst-slotThanks for visiting the site!  We are your number one guide to the new and very popular casino slot – Starburst. Although our main purpose is to highlight the best casinos that offer the game on their sites, we also have negotiated some great new account deposit offers for you to take advantage of.  If you have never played on Starburst, below you will find a new user’s guide to the slot along with information on how to play.

If you are mainly interested in finding a new casino, or perhaps are looking for a promotion to take advantage of, then please check out our list of the top 5 casinos to offer the Starburst Slot.

Top Starburst Bonuses


NordicBet is a hugely successful gaming outfit based out of, you guessed it, Norway!  It operates one of the leading sportsbooks and casinos in the whole of Scandinavia and was establised in 2001.

NordicBet Casino, as well as offering all the most popular table games, also features a line of fun slots for you to play on.  Some of the best slots on offer are powered by NetEnt and include:

Starburst, Reel Rush, Scarface, Evolution, Gonzo’s Quest and more!

The new account bonus at NordicBet Casino is worth 100% up to the value of  €100.  Starburst slot players will also be rewarded with 30 free spins too!  Click on the banner above if ou would like to find out more.



Sportingbet is one of the world’s leading sportsbooks, poker rooms and casino site.  It is based in London, UK and has been operating since 1997. It offers a whole host of casino games including Frankenstein, Gonzos Quest and of course Starburst Slot!

When you first deposit with Sportingbet you will be eligible for a 100% bonus


If you have Norse blood in your body, chances are you will have heard of Betsson – the most popular betting site in Scandinavia.  Although the company is based in this part of the world, it is also very popular in many other European countries and has clients in other destinations, further afield.

Betsson is most famous for its sportsbook but it also offers poker and a casino.  The online casino is very good and uses games provided by a variety of different software providers to give its players a more diverse experience.

Some of the best slots available on the site are provided by NetEnt and include Scarface, Reel Rush, and of course, most importantly, Starburst!

The first time you deposit with Betsson, you will be entitled to receive its introductory bonus worth 100% (up to the value of €55).  To claim this bonus now, please click here.


Star Casino

How to Play

Even though Starburst looks and feels different to any other slot on the market that you are likely to play, it is still extremely easy to pick up and get into.  The aim is to hit winning combinations on the 5 paylines to win money.

When the Star Burst symbol appears on one of the reels it substitutes all other symbols – this is where the fun begins ;)  It is possible to repeat this three times until three out of the five reels are filled with Starburst money love… if you are lucky enough to get to this point, you will be in for the big bucks.  Even having two reels as ‘wild’ should mean some pretty juicy winnings…. we won over 300 Euros last night with the 7 symbols showing.


StarBurst is different to any slot we have come across, mainly thanks to the fact it was developed by the Swedish company, Net Entertainment. NetEnt are the software providers behind Reel Rush, Evolution and many more of the new breed of innovative and action packed slots  on the market.

The Bonus Game

There isn’t one.


Starburst is one of the few innovative slots on the market and has a look to it unlike many currently on the market.  Forget the boring style that you have probably become accustomed to on Microgaming and Playtech powered casinos, this slot is completely different.

Betting on Basketball

basketballThe National Basketball Association (NBA) was established in 1946 and has come a long way in becoming one of the most favourite sports in the world. It is widely watched and loved by people all over the world.

The NBA has over 30 teams and players from all over the world including Europe, Asia and South Africa. This sport is one of the most popular sports among bettors even though the stakes are high and the unexpected wins and losses are immense.

Today, a team that performs exceedingly well can have a bad game tomorrow, leaving bettors unsure of how to bet and where to place their stakes. In such a scenario, understanding the betting game, being at your best and getting valuable tips from experts helps you to make the most out of your bets and win some money while you enjoy this wonderful game.

The game is played almost every day, which gives bettors a chance to bet more and win more. This is also one of the reasons of the popularity of the game, since it is played so often. Here are a few tips that will help you bet better this season:

#1- Home Court Advantage should not be Underestimated

Many teams play their best game on their home courts. This is a known fact and many bettors use this to their advantage. However, very few of them actually know that the home court advantage can get them extra points and rewards.

Most bettors usually give three or four points to the home teams while betting, but in the NBA, the home court can be evaluated at more than that. There are some teams that play exceedingly well at their home courts, while others win as many games outside as they win on their home courts. Therefore, it is important to check for statistics before you place your bets on the team.

#2-Difference between Home and Away Performances

Many teams gain different points in home and away performances. If you want to bet smartly, understand the way the team plays on the road and at home, and evaluate their performances and their points before you place high bets on them.

#3-Difference between Home and Away Scoring

This one is related to the one above, but is more concerned with the total points of the team at home, and when on the road. Team scores at home and on the road impact their performances and your betting. Make sure to check the scoring before you place high stake bets.

#4-Check for Overvalued and Undervalued Teams

Each season, there are some teams that are overvalued and others that are undervalued. It is easy to figure out the teams that are overvalued, whereas it can be a little tough to determine the teams that are undervalued. It cannot be predicted which team will live up to its rating but it is important to check all facts and figures before you place your bets on the teams.

#5-It’ all About the Unexpected

Maybe this is what makes the game so exciting and the betting stakes so high. The NBA is all about unexpected wins and losses, giving bettors no idea of what and how to predict. This adds to the fun element of betting and makes the stakes higher and enjoyable. You need to be ready for some unexpected surprises in the game.

It is definitely worth the investment to bet in the NBA games and win! Just make sure to check all the facts and figures and don’t place bets emotionally based on your favourite teams.

How to Bet on Cricket

Cricket-Ball-and-BatBetting in cricket has gained more momentum in the last couple of years. As the players find more fame through cricket, punters are also slowly realising the benefits of betting on cricket games. With three basic formats of cricket games available, punters can choose to bet on any of the cricket games. The three main formats are One Day Internationals (ODIs), Twenty-twenty (T20s), and Test Matches (5-days).

Win the Match as well as Match Odds are other popular names of betting on cricket games. The punters usually bet on which teams will sustain in the individual match of the tournament, internationally as well as domestic. The cricket match odds are often biased because the pay of the favourite winning team is less than that of the underdog winning team, who has to pay more than 1-1.

There are several betting rules that apply to betting on cricket. Since it’s a huge market, punters usually concentrate on one particular format and bet on that. The three different formats in cricket are proof enough to show the vastness of this game.

Some General Rules

Knowledge about Players

Most players are known to perform across all the formats. However, certain players choose to play their best game only for certain formats and ideal conditions. It’s quite possible for players to be great in one format and a non-performer in another. So, researching and looking up on which player tends to perform in what conditions will help you decide what kind of bets to place on your favourite cricket player or team.

Learn to Read Pitches

Pitches are probably one of the most important factors in deciding how a particular player may perform in a cricket match. The condition of the pitch at the beginning of the match and how will it deteriorate until all the overs are played is another aspect that you need to consider while betting in cricket games.

Usually, the performance of the pitch and who is it favouring-batsmen or bowlers are one of the points discussed among the commentators. Listening to their comments and what they feel will also give you an insight about on which team and player to wager your bet on.

Climatic Conditions

Climatic conditions can decide the fate of the match. If it’s cloudy, swing bowlers have an advantage. If it’s sunny, the fast bowlers will struggle, but the batsmen will have a gala time. But if the sun is out continuously, the pitch will bake and break, which will favour the spinners in the later part of the day.

Dramatic Turnarounds and Huge Prices

In this unpredictable game of cricket, upsets at huge odds and in-running drama is expected. While playing the Test series, easy targets suddenly seem like a major task as the pitch deteriorates.

Read Up on Stats and Past Results

Updating yourself about the past performances of and important stats about each venue will give you an idea about what you can expect in the various matches.

Let’s take a look at a few betting rules for cricket. These rules will give you a fair idea on how you can bet in test matches.

Betting Rules for Test Matches

  • In test matches where not a single ball has been bowled, all the bets on that particular test match will be treated as void.
  • There are huge chances of test matches ending in tie. Hence, if a particular test series has ended in tie, the draw bets will be considered as losers, and for the two teams, the bets will be settled under dead-heat rules.
  • If there is a change in venue, or the match has been abandoned for any reason other than weather conditions, the bets made will be void.

The World of Online Betting and How Does it Function?

The world of online betting has become more exciting than ever. Especially in places such as the UK, online betting has matured over the years. Online betting is as simple as the manual one. In this article, we will try to throw some light on how online betting works and what are the basic premises upon which the stake of a bet revolves.

sports-betting-sites-400x306Choose a Company and Create an Account

In order to place your bet, it is essential that you choose a reputed company to place your bet. Once the account is created, it is time to deposit money in your account. Online betting companies generally give a lot of options to transfer and receive funds. Once you have the money in your account, you are good to go. Betting companies give you the option of transferring your money the moment you win. There are other options such as e-wallets and wire transfers also.

The Terms you Need to Know

The betting community calls the chance of winning as odds. The latter can stand for any one of the three instances-lose, win and draw. The real engineering behind any odds are created by an algorithm knows as the bookmarks. For a sports investor, bookmark does it all. From offering the odds to taking bets, from handling payouts to performing other functions, bookmarks play a very vital role. An average bettor need not figure out the odds. What a person needs to do is to carefully evaluate the odds before placing bets.

Understanding the Bookmark is Crucial

Bookmarks are mostly dynamic in nature and operate on a particular algorithm. It is capable of changing the return of a bet dramatically. For example, if a bookmark observes that most bettors are heavily betting on the favourites, the bookmark might simply decrease the ratio of return and increase it for the underdog. This way the bookmark ensures that a segment of the crowd invests in the other party too. All these are done keeping one philosophy in mind-the house should never lose money.

The Secret Theory of Online Betting Companies

The underlying principle of online betting is pretty simple. The betting company makes sure that more people lose money than win. You would be surprised to know that online sports betting companies never run on a loss. If the favourite wins, the company lowers the payout to ensure minimum financial loss and if the favourite loses, the company makes money anyways owing to the large volume of bets.

How to Evaluate Odds

Evaluating the odd is a probabilistic affair and you only get better with experience and a little bit of luck. For instance, if Nadal has odds of 1000:1 of winning the French open this year, then your chances of winning with Nadal is quite high. That being said, the payout in this case won’t be great since a large number of people are betting on Nadal. However, if the reciprocal happens, your payout will be significantly higher. This is because not a lot of people are going to bet on the other party.

Frequently-used Terms

Futures Betting/Ante Post: This is a kind of betting, which is reserved for biggest sporting events. In this betting method, you typically have to place your bet way before the game is played.

Evens: This is another jargon of the betting industry, which means that the payout is twice that of your stake.

Nap: This is more inclined to horse racing and typically means that the agent will roll out the best bet of the whole day for a particular track.