Double Bubble Slots

Double-Bubble-SlotDouble Bubble Slot is a 20 line and five-reel slot. It is one of the exciting creations of NetEnt. This slot, however, is a bit different and is meant for players who like to win big. Five reels help the players to find their winning combination.

This fruity slot has lots of features and exciting rounds to get any slot lovers’ attention and get them hooked for hours. The bonus round is one of the exciting features of Double Bubble Slot as it is possible to win huge in this round.  For more information on the bonus round then visit this site.

Coin Size

The coin denomination plays a crucial role in any of NetEnt’s game. The size of the coin decides the final amount that a player ends up with. The coin denomination starts with as little as $0.01 and can go as high as $0.20.

It is very easy to choose the coin size. All you need to do is to click ‘+’ or ‘-’ in the toggle window and select the denomination you are comfortable with. Only a multiplier round can increase the size of the coin and help a player earn more.

Double Bubble Wild Symbol

The Double Bubble symbol itself acts as the wild symbol for this slot. This means that it can act as a substitute for any other symbol except one. It can also help a player complete his winning combination.

Only one winning combination per slot is paid to an individual player. In case of multiple winning combinations, the one with the highest value is paid. In case a player manages to land five wild symbols in one go, they are eligible to receive a staggering 20,000x coin payout.

Win Lines

It is possible for a player to select the number of lines he wants to bet on in three different ways as mentioned below.

  1. The Bet One feature helps a player select one additional line. This makes it possible to select all the pay lines that are available in the slot.
  2. The pay lines that are coloured and situated near the reel side have certain numbers allotted to them. These numbers are nothing, but the number of lines you want to bet on. Just click on a number and the same number of lines will be added.
  3. The Bet Max feature helps a player select all the lines at once. All you need to do is to click the Bet Max icon, and the system will do the rest on its own.

Bubble Win

If a symbol happens to fall inside a bubble, the secondary winning area hosts it, which is located under the reels. If this area can create a winning combination by any chance, the combination gets multiplied with the total pay line that was selected by the player initially. For instance, if a player bets on all the lines then he gets x22 lines for his final winning.  For more information on Bubble wins then check out which has a great guide for strategies on this.

Playing Double Bubble Slot

There are many online casinos in the UK. Some of the most reputed ones are Casino88, CasinoSlot, Caesar Casino and Good Friday Casino among others. Most of these casinos pay a 100% bonus to their players.

Some even offer a second round of bonus when a player deposits his money for the second time in a row. Apart from joining bonuses, there are ample opportunities to win free riders. There are many promotional offers too. The best part is the fact that all these websites give you a mobile platform to enjoy this game. You can easily play this game wherever you are, and not miss out on the real casino experience at the same time.

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