A Betting Guide to Snooker

snookerA well known game in several countries worldwide, Snooker is now a subject in the betting industry. While conventionally a monopoly of British players, the game has acquired a huge development particularly in China. In recent seasons, this sport goes through some big changes. In addition, even though not all contenders agreed to it, it is really good for punters.

A high number of snooker events are now being held in China along with some in Europe and Thailand. Great for bettors, you will no longer experience the hassle of joining in the game. Snooker is recognized as an ever growing sport people can bet on. This sport provides a number of various gambling opportunities. Even though most of the bets would be on 1 or 2 primary markets, there is growing interest in in-play betting.

Snooker handles itself well to its popularity due to the breaks in between shots. Some of the betting options available in snooker include the following:

  • Tournament Betting

This betting option is probably the most typically placed bet and is the easiest as well. You only need to choose the player you believe will win the specified tournament and you are ready to go. Normally, each-way betting is available.

  • Match Betting

Match betting is the second most well known bet and also an easy one. You will back the one you think would win the given match involving 2 players. Keep in mind that in Tournament game, matches are all the time “best of” the odd number of frames, hence there will be no chance of meeting a draw.

  • Handicap Betting

In any specified match, an underdog might be provided with the “head start” in order to even out the odds when a certain player is a firm favorite. In order to prevent the chance of a tie, it is often provided within half frames, for instance, +2.5 frames.

  • Correct Score

Another fine option on which there is a firm favorite, yet at the same time common in close matches is betting on the precise score inside frames the match would finish.

  • Total Frames

As compared to correct score, less accuracy is required with total frames. This is the bet on the overall frames’ number, which will be at play. Sometimes, it might be provided in bands, such as 13-15 or 10-12.

  • In-Play

There are a number of options when it comes to in-play betting having the most common on predicting the next winner of the following frame, the one would win the presently played frame, the one will put the following ball and the one to win such match. It can be an interesting option to bet, as it comes with lots of turns and twists. In addition, it is hardly very lengthy to wait till you determine your odds.

  • 147

This option is a very easy “yes or no” bet, whether there would be a 147 break scored within a certain tournament or not.

  • Highest Break

You may bet on the one you believe would create the utmost break, either within a given match or a whole tournament.

Knowing about these basics about snooker betting can get you started with the game successfully.

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