A Betting Guide to American Football

american-footballBetting on American football has become extremely popular but not all are aware on how to place their bets or even determine which bets are available for them to make. Therefore, it is necessary to refer to a comprehensive American football betting guide to experience a breeze. The information can be confusing at first, but once you dig deep on the content of this guide, you will be surprised to realize that this can serve as a powerful tool for betting reference.

Point Spreads

When you are planning to place your bet on this sport, you need to be familiar with point spreads. These are also known as sides, spreads or lines, and are considered as common types of football wager. Each game got a favorite and usually an underdog having particular amount of points. Point spreads are determined by a bookie or oddsmaker. The negative number represents the favorite while the positive number represents the underdog.

Money Lines

If you are interested in making simple bet on the one that you think will successfully win games outright, you might consider making money line wager. However, you have to keep in mind that money line bets are also associated with risks. If you want to bet on the favorite, you will need to risk more amount of money. On the contrary, betting on the underdog entails higher pay rate. Remember that you are plainly picking the winner despite any point spread issue.

Apparently, risks are taken when you bet favorites on money line but with no point spread, the possible outcome is that the favorite will definitely win. When you bet money line on the underdog, there might be diminished risks because of potential return but the tendency of the team to win the game outright is not really possible.


This is second most popular bets next to spread betting. When it comes to American football, this is one of the easiest wager types to understand. A linemaker will be setting the total number or points that will be scored in the game. All you have to do is bet on the final score that you confidently think will be more or less than that particular number.


If two or more groups play together for increased payout, then there is what they called a parlay. The thing that makes these popular is the fact that payoff increases greatly when all your wagers successfully win. The downside of parlays is that when one of the games loses, the entire parlays also lose.

There are more other aspects and essential factors that you will surely come across in a comprehensive American football betting guide. You will likely to encounter about prop bets, betting on futures, betting season and many more. This guide aims to help individuals’ gain clearer understanding on football betting and assist them in making the best possible bets. Money and fulfillment of one’s pride and passion are some of the things at stake so it would be best to be guided accordingly especially in terms of making bet.

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