Betting on Basketball

basketballThe National Basketball Association (NBA) was established in 1946 and has come a long way in becoming one of the most favourite sports in the world. It is widely watched and loved by people all over the world.

The NBA has over 30 teams and players from all over the world including Europe, Asia and South Africa. This sport is one of the most popular sports among bettors even though the stakes are high and the unexpected wins and losses are immense.

Today, a team that performs exceedingly well can have a bad game tomorrow, leaving bettors unsure of how to bet and where to place their stakes. In such a scenario, understanding the betting game, being at your best and getting valuable tips from experts helps you to make the most out of your bets and win some money while you enjoy this wonderful game.

The game is played almost every day, which gives bettors a chance to bet more and win more. This is also one of the reasons of the popularity of the game, since it is played so often. Here are a few tips that will help you bet better this season:

#1- Home Court Advantage should not be Underestimated

Many teams play their best game on their home courts. This is a known fact and many bettors use this to their advantage. However, very few of them actually know that the home court advantage can get them extra points and rewards.

Most bettors usually give three or four points to the home teams while betting, but in the NBA, the home court can be evaluated at more than that. There are some teams that play exceedingly well at their home courts, while others win as many games outside as they win on their home courts. Therefore, it is important to check for statistics before you place your bets on the team.

#2-Difference between Home and Away Performances

Many teams gain different points in home and away performances. If you want to bet smartly, understand the way the team plays on the road and at home, and evaluate their performances and their points before you place high bets on them.

#3-Difference between Home and Away Scoring

This one is related to the one above, but is more concerned with the total points of the team at home, and when on the road. Team scores at home and on the road impact their performances and your betting. Make sure to check the scoring before you place high stake bets.

#4-Check for Overvalued and Undervalued Teams

Each season, there are some teams that are overvalued and others that are undervalued. It is easy to figure out the teams that are overvalued, whereas it can be a little tough to determine the teams that are undervalued. It cannot be predicted which team will live up to its rating but it is important to check all facts and figures before you place your bets on the teams.

#5-It’ all About the Unexpected

Maybe this is what makes the game so exciting and the betting stakes so high. The NBA is all about unexpected wins and losses, giving bettors no idea of what and how to predict. This adds to the fun element of betting and makes the stakes higher and enjoyable. You need to be ready for some unexpected surprises in the game.

It is definitely worth the investment to bet in the NBA games and win! Just make sure to check all the facts and figures and don’t place bets emotionally based on your favourite teams.

How to Bet on Cricket

Cricket-Ball-and-BatBetting in cricket has gained more momentum in the last couple of years. As the players find more fame through cricket, punters are also slowly realising the benefits of betting on cricket games. With three basic formats of cricket games available, punters can choose to bet on any of the cricket games. The three main formats are One Day Internationals (ODIs), Twenty-twenty (T20s), and Test Matches (5-days).

Win the Match as well as Match Odds are other popular names of betting on cricket games. The punters usually bet on which teams will sustain in the individual match of the tournament, internationally as well as domestic. The cricket match odds are often biased because the pay of the favourite winning team is less than that of the underdog winning team, who has to pay more than 1-1.

There are several betting rules that apply to betting on cricket. Since it’s a huge market, punters usually concentrate on one particular format and bet on that. The three different formats in cricket are proof enough to show the vastness of this game.

Some General Rules

Knowledge about Players

Most players are known to perform across all the formats. However, certain players choose to play their best game only for certain formats and ideal conditions. It’s quite possible for players to be great in one format and a non-performer in another. So, researching and looking up on which player tends to perform in what conditions will help you decide what kind of bets to place on your favourite cricket player or team.

Learn to Read Pitches

Pitches are probably one of the most important factors in deciding how a particular player may perform in a cricket match. The condition of the pitch at the beginning of the match and how will it deteriorate until all the overs are played is another aspect that you need to consider while betting in cricket games.

Usually, the performance of the pitch and who is it favouring-batsmen or bowlers are one of the points discussed among the commentators. Listening to their comments and what they feel will also give you an insight about on which team and player to wager your bet on.

Climatic Conditions

Climatic conditions can decide the fate of the match. If it’s cloudy, swing bowlers have an advantage. If it’s sunny, the fast bowlers will struggle, but the batsmen will have a gala time. But if the sun is out continuously, the pitch will bake and break, which will favour the spinners in the later part of the day.

Dramatic Turnarounds and Huge Prices

In this unpredictable game of cricket, upsets at huge odds and in-running drama is expected. While playing the Test series, easy targets suddenly seem like a major task as the pitch deteriorates.

Read Up on Stats and Past Results

Updating yourself about the past performances of and important stats about each venue will give you an idea about what you can expect in the various matches.

Let’s take a look at a few betting rules for cricket. These rules will give you a fair idea on how you can bet in test matches.

Betting Rules for Test Matches

  • In test matches where not a single ball has been bowled, all the bets on that particular test match will be treated as void.
  • There are huge chances of test matches ending in tie. Hence, if a particular test series has ended in tie, the draw bets will be considered as losers, and for the two teams, the bets will be settled under dead-heat rules.
  • If there is a change in venue, or the match has been abandoned for any reason other than weather conditions, the bets made will be void.

The World of Online Betting and How Does it Function?

The world of online betting has become more exciting than ever. Especially in places such as the UK, online betting has matured over the years. Online betting is as simple as the manual one. In this article, we will try to throw some light on how online betting works and what are the basic premises upon which the stake of a bet revolves.

sports-betting-sites-400x306Choose a Company and Create an Account

In order to place your bet, it is essential that you choose a reputed company to place your bet. Once the account is created, it is time to deposit money in your account. Online betting companies generally give a lot of options to transfer and receive funds. Once you have the money in your account, you are good to go. Betting companies give you the option of transferring your money the moment you win. There are other options such as e-wallets and wire transfers also.

The Terms you Need to Know

The betting community calls the chance of winning as odds. The latter can stand for any one of the three instances-lose, win and draw. The real engineering behind any odds are created by an algorithm knows as the bookmarks. For a sports investor, bookmark does it all. From offering the odds to taking bets, from handling payouts to performing other functions, bookmarks play a very vital role. An average bettor need not figure out the odds. What a person needs to do is to carefully evaluate the odds before placing bets.

Understanding the Bookmark is Crucial

Bookmarks are mostly dynamic in nature and operate on a particular algorithm. It is capable of changing the return of a bet dramatically. For example, if a bookmark observes that most bettors are heavily betting on the favourites, the bookmark might simply decrease the ratio of return and increase it for the underdog. This way the bookmark ensures that a segment of the crowd invests in the other party too. All these are done keeping one philosophy in mind-the house should never lose money.

The Secret Theory of Online Betting Companies

The underlying principle of online betting is pretty simple. The betting company makes sure that more people lose money than win. You would be surprised to know that online sports betting companies never run on a loss. If the favourite wins, the company lowers the payout to ensure minimum financial loss and if the favourite loses, the company makes money anyways owing to the large volume of bets.

How to Evaluate Odds

Evaluating the odd is a probabilistic affair and you only get better with experience and a little bit of luck. For instance, if Nadal has odds of 1000:1 of winning the French open this year, then your chances of winning with Nadal is quite high. That being said, the payout in this case won’t be great since a large number of people are betting on Nadal. However, if the reciprocal happens, your payout will be significantly higher. This is because not a lot of people are going to bet on the other party.

Frequently-used Terms

Futures Betting/Ante Post: This is a kind of betting, which is reserved for biggest sporting events. In this betting method, you typically have to place your bet way before the game is played.

Evens: This is another jargon of the betting industry, which means that the payout is twice that of your stake.

Nap: This is more inclined to horse racing and typically means that the agent will roll out the best bet of the whole day for a particular track.